BFP 10th Anniversary Benefit Concert With Christian Fisher and Neville Handel from The 8:59s

Annual concert by the Bynum Pickers to benefit Bynum Front Porch. Money raised goes to keeping the store open as a Chatham County Community Center, BFP Scholarships, and continuing to operate the BFP Summer Music Series. Donations will be accepted on a pass the hat basis.

Christian Fisher and Neville Handel are in the local band The 8:59s. They will be performing 8:59s tunes as well as other material at The Bynum Front Porch Fundraiser. The following is some information about The 8:59s.

The 8:59’s, a Chatham County-based band formed in 2014, seamlessly blend Americana and indie rock sensibilities to create a unique yet familiar sound. Consisting of veterans of Chapel Hill’s 90’s indie rock scene, they serve up some of the best of what you might hope for from 5 Triangle guys with a guitar-keys-bass-drums set-up. Based around the strong songwriting, tasteful harmonies, and twin guitars of Christian Fisher and Neville Handel, the band is adeptly completed by the driving rhythm section of bassist Mike Beck and drummer Brad Goolsby and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Maclean.

The 8:59’s provide the perfect soundtrack for a long drive on country roads or an evening at your favorite watering hole. Echoes of Nashville, Athens, and Chapel Hill can be heard in the band’s songs, which draw from and cover a wide spectrum of genres including Americana, Alt-Country, Indie Rock, Pop, Punk, Folk and Blues. The 8:59’s original set list appeals to a diverse audience and will have you dancing during one song and listening intently the next. Check out one of their live shows or debut EP to experience this new favorite 5 piece.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Bynum Front Porch Non-Profit Organization!